Asa made Jugyou Chu!

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By Ohta Akiyoshi, Munyu

Serialized in Comic Alive

Volume 1

Page Characters Description Image
22 Ayana Ayana walks in on Yuuki in the bath. Then, Ayana sleeps with Yuuki and smothers him in her sleep with her boobs. Then there is a chapter transition page with Ayana pulling up her shirt. (duration within 13 pages) AsaMadeChu027.jpg
51 Ayana Ayana gets Yuuki to spank her. Her nipples are slightly visible under her shirt, then her top comes off. (duration 3 pages) AsaMadeChu053.jpg
63 Risa, Ayana Risa gets undressed to go into the bath, then Yuuki walks in on her. Risa, Ayana, and Yuuki all get into the bath and molest each other a bit.(duration 27 pages) AsaMadeChu064.jpg
96 Risa, Ayana Risa is shown nude in her imagination twice, then Ayana's nipple is shown in a chapter transition, then Ayana is shown nude in her imagination. (duration within 10 pages) AsaMadeChu096.jpg
127 Ayana Ayana stripping in a chapter transition page. (duration 1 page) AsaMadeChu127.jpg
137 Risa, Ayana Risa's nipples start to slip out of her shirt when she is seducing Yuuki, then Ayana flashes her boobs to Yuuki, then Yuuki imagines both of them nude grabbing on to him. (duration 6 pages) AsaMadeChu142.jpg

Volume 2

Page Characters Description Image
2 Ayana, Risa, Patricia, Kotomi Starts out with a color page with Ayana and Risa nude, then there is another color page with Patricia getting tied up with string, then there is another color page with Kotomi in a suggestive position with her panties down wearing a band-aid and her left nipple is visible. (duration within 3 pages) AsaMadeChu2002.jpg
11 Ayana, Risa, Patricia, Random girl Patricia imagines several naughty moments involving Ayana, Risa, and herself with Yuuki, then some random girl gets her breasts examined by the school nurse. (duration 7 pages) AsaMadeChu2015.jpg
21 Patricia, Ayana Patricia does body measurement rehearsals with Yuuki and her shirt is see-through. She also imagines herself nude several times. Then, Ayana and Kotomi appears and Kotomi pulls Ayana's top down. Then there is a chapter transition page with Ayana in the bath with her towel low enough to show her nipples a bit. (duration 21 pages) AsaMadeChu2036.jpg
45 Kotomi, Patricia, Random girls, Ayana Kotomi lifts up her shirt a bit so we can see her nipples a little, then Patricia imagines herself with one of her boobs hanging out from under her shirt, then Patricia does various things while still wearing her see-through shirt. Then, two random girls take their shirts off. Then there is a chapter transition page with Kotomi wearing band-aids over her nipples with her nipples slightly visible. Then Patricia imagines a naughty moment between Ayana and Yuuki. (duration within 16 pages) AsaMadeChu2055.jpg
74 Kotomi Kotomi rips her swimsuit and one of her nipples is slightly visible. (duration 2 pages) AsaMadeChu2074.jpg
81 Kotomi Kotomi nipple still slightly visible on this page. (duration 1 page) AsaMadeChu2081.jpg
86 Patricia Patricia imagines herself nude several times with Yuuki. (duration within 10 pages) AsaMadeChu2088.jpg
99 Risa Risa lifts up her shirt for Yuuki. (duration 1 page) AsaMadeChu2099.jpg
106 Patricia Patricia's top comes off in the pool, then she smothers Yuuki with her boobs. (duration 2 pages) AsaMadeChu2106.jpg
117 Ayana, Risa Yuuki imagines Ayana and Risa topless. (duration 2 pages) AsaMadeChu2118.jpg
125 Patricia Patricia is imagined nude again. (duration 1 page) AsaMadeChu2125.jpg
132 Ayana, Patricia First there is a chapter transition page with Ayana in a skimpy swimsuit and her nipples are slightly visible. Then, Patricia is show topless in the pool. Then Ayana imagines herself nude being molested by eels in the pool. (duration 9 pages) AsaMadeChu20138.jpg
146 Ayana, Patricia First there a page where Ayana and Patricia are holding on to Yuuki, both topless. Then, Ayana is sick in bed and Yuuki gives her a pill in her butt, while she is nude. (duration within 7 pages) AsaMadeChu2146.jpg

Volume 3

Page Characters Description Image
1 Ayana Starts out with a color page with Ayana hugging Yuuki nude then there is two color pages of Ayana laying in a bed nude. (duration 3 pages) AsaMadeChu3003.jpg
11 Patricia, Risa Risa and Patricia press their boobs into each other. (duration 1 page) AsaMadeChu3011.jpg
15 Ayana Ayana gets into a hot spring with Yuuki. Sexy antics ensue. (duration 6 pages) AsaMadeChu3020.jpg
25 Kotomi, Ayana Kotomi in a chapter transition page has some slight nipple exposure underneath band-aids, then Ayana's yukata falls off when she is playing ping-pong. (duration 2 pages) AsaMadeChu3025.jpg
43 Ayana, Risa, Patricia, Kotomi The girls all pose nude in a chapter transition. (duration 1 page) AsaMadeChu3043.jpg
46 Risa Risa takes a bath with Yuuki. (duration 5 pages) AsaMadeChu3050.jpg
53 Risa, Ayana, Patricia Risa continues her bath with Yuuki, then Ayana and Patricia join in. (duration 8 pages) AsaMadeChu3055.jpg
63 Patricia Patricia has some slight nipple exposure in this chapter transition page. (duration 1 page) AsaMadeChu3063.jpg
74 Ayana, Risa, Patricia The girls all take a bath in a hot spring. (duration 5 pages) AsaMadeChu3077.jpg
97 Suou Suou and Yuuki relax in a sauna. (duration 2 pages) AsaMadeChu3098.jpg
103 Ayana Ayana tries to teach Yuuki by having him rip off tags covering her body with the correct answers on them. (duration 9 pages) AsaMadeChu3105.jpg
113 Kotomi Kotomi, naked in this chapter transition page with some slight nipple exposure. (duration 1 page) AsaMadeChu3113.jpg
125 Ayana Ayana getting molested by tentacles in the middle of the novel chapter at the end of the volume. (duration 1 page) AsaMadeChu3125.jpg
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