Asobi ni Iku yo

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Animated by AIC


Episode 3

Time Characters Description Image
13:37 Eris Eris enters the bathroom and is subsequently chased into the living room. (duration 0:40) Asobi1-1.jpeg
14:32 Aoi, Manami Aoi and Manami bathe together. (duration 2:08) Asobi3-2.jpg
16:46 Aoi, Manami Aoi and Manami chase someone through the streets while firing guns and riding a scooter. (duration 1:30) Asobi3-3.jpg

Episode 6

Time Characters Description Image
2:05 Chaika, Durel, Kuune, Melwin The Catians sit in a sauna. Asobi6-1.png

Episode 8

Time Characters Description Image
10:34 Manami Aoi disintegrates Manami's clothes. (duration 0:33) Asobi8-1.jpg

Episode 12

Time Characters Description Image
11:07 Aoi, Eris, Manami The girls change into spacesuits. Asobi12-1.jpg


Time Characters Description Image
4:50 Melwin Melwin strips. AsobiOVA-1.jpg
12:50 Chaika, Melwin Chaika and Melwin strip. AsobiOVA-2.jpg
19:34 Janes Janes strips. AsobiOVA-3.jpg
22:43 Antonia, Aoi, Eris, Ichika, Manami, Maya, Sara All of the girls strip before Manami tears Antonia's panties off, causing Manami to fall in front of Kio. AsobiOVA-4.jpg
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