Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai

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Animated by Feel.


Episode 1

Time Characters Description Image
06:48 Lisara Restall Lisara bathes and showers (duration 00:28) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-1-1.jpg
14:26 Lisara Restall Lisara dons her battle gear and the clothes she's wearing burn away (duration 00:01) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-1-2.jpg
16:10 Lisara Restall Lisara's clothes begin to disappear due to lack of energy and she gets hung upside down. Ryousuke saves her and ends up fondling her breasts. (duration 01:19) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-1-3.jpg

Episode 2

Time Characters Description Image
16:32 Lisara Restall Lisara runs out of energy and her clothes dissolve (duration 02:38) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-2-1.jpg

Episode 3

Time Characters Description Image
08:00 Ookura Mina Cule forms a contract with Mina (duration 00:11) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-3-1.jpg
12:28 Ilya Ilya transforms (duration 00:07) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-3-2.jpg
18:19 Lisara Restall Lisara runs out of energy as a result of Ilya's attack (duration 00:16) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-3-3.jpg
19:22 Lisara Restall Ryousuke gives a rousing speech to Lisara before giving her his energy (duration 00:25) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-3-4.jpg
20:36 Lisara Restall Lisara unleashes a powerful attack against Ilya (duration 00:12) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-3-5.jpg
20:56 Ilya Ilya suffers heavy damage from Lisara's attack (duration 00:04) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-3-6.jpg

Episode 4

Time Characters Description Image
12:35 Lisara Restall Lisara transforms (duration 00:02) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-4-1.jpg
17:26 Lisara Restall Lisara's outfit starts disappearing (duration 00:06) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-4-2.jpg
18:08 Lisara Restall Ryousuke holds Lisara up as he gives her his energy (duration 00:56) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-4-3.jpg
19:09 Lisara Restall Lisara fights back with her regained energy (duration 00:06) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-4-4.jpg
20:03 Ilya, Lisara Restall Ilya is revealed to have had magically fake breasts the whole time (duration 00:48) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-4-5.jpg

Episode 5

Time Characters Description Image
11:22 Lisara Restall Lisara gets caught by a tentacle monster (duration 00:03) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-5-1.jpg
12:01 Lisara Restall Lisara escapes from the tentacle monster and gets energy from Ryousuke (duration 00:14) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-5-2.jpg
14:58 Random girl Ryousuke imagines a random girl from a porn mag to recharge his energy (duration 00:01) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-5-3.jpg
17:25 Lisara Restall Lisara gets caught by the tentacle monster again (duration 01:06) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-5-4.jpg
19:58 Lisara Restall Lisara comes to after Ryousuke destroys the monster (duration 00:16) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-5-5.jpg

Episode 6

Time Characters Description Image
11:59 Lisara Restall, Ookura Mina Cule and Mina take a bath and Cule imagines Lisara and Ryousuke getting it on (duration 00:55) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-6-1.jpg
17:48 Lisara Restall Lisara gets her energy drained by a small creature (duration 00:08) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-6-2.jpg
18:29 Lisara Restall Ryousuke imagines Lisara in the bath to recharge his energy (00:05) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-6-3.jpg
18:36 Lisara Restall Ryousuke gives his energy to Lisara and overloads the draining creature (duration 00:15) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-6-4.jpg
19:41 Lisara Restall Lisara's tears awaken Gram's power within Ryousuke (duration 00:08) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-6-5.jpg

Episode 7

Time Characters Description Image
17:11 Lisara Restall Cule and Lisara take a bath (duration 00:32) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-7-1.jpg
20:50 Lisara Restall Cule flashes back to Lisara talking to her in the bath (duration 00:02) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-7-2.jpg

Episode 8

Time Characters Description Image
17:15 Lisara Restall Lisara gets captured and whipped repeatedly (duration 00:34) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-8-1.jpg
20:54 Lisara Restall Ilya rescues Lisara (duration 00:07) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-8-2.jpg
21:29 Lisara Restall Lisara runs to find Mina (duration 00:05) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-8-3.jpg

Episode 9

Time Characters Description Image
00:14 Lisara Restall Lisara continues on her way to find Mina (duration 00:21) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-9-1.jpg
04:39 Lisara Restall Lisara faces off with Galderbroug (duration 03:19) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-9-2.jpg
09:00 Lisara Restall Lisara gets taken down and Ryousuke takes over for her (duration 02:06) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-9-3.jpg
11:45 Lisara Restall Lisara gets up and supports Ryousuke (duration 01:51) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-9-4.jpg
16:40 Lisara Restall Ryousuke imagines having sex with Lisara (duration 00:04) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-9-5.jpg
18:03 Lisara Restall Lisara watches as Ryousuke unleashes a devastating attack on Galderbroug (duration 01:33) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-9-6.jpg
21:04 Lisara Restall Lisara gets up and observes the aftermath of the battle (duration 00:47) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-9-7.jpg

Episode 10

Time Characters Description Image
11:07 Lisara Restall Ilya suggests a strip card game to distract Ryousuke from current events. Lisara loses and begins to strip before it's revealed Ryousuke was cheating (duration 00:13) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-10-1.jpg
18:24 Lisara Restall Lisara takes a shower then reflects in the bath (duration 00:16) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-10-2.jpg

Episode 12

Time Characters Description Image
06:03 Darnia Earheart Darnia transforms (duration 00:01) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-12-1.jpg
06:24 Ilya Ilya transforms (duration 00:01) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-12-2.jpg
06:41 Ookura Mina Mina gazes into the mirror in the bath (duration 00:05) DakaraBokuwaHgaDekinai-12-3.jpg
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