Dragon Ball

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By Akira Toriyama

Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump

Animated by Toei Animation

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Volume 1

Page Characters Description Image
23 Bulma Bulma flashes her panties at Goku, offering to let him feel her up in exchange for his Dragon Ball. (duration 1 page) Dragon Ball v01 p023.jpg
48 Bulma Goku prods Bulma's crotch before removing her panties. (duration 1 page) Dragon Ball Vol.1 Pg48.jpg
70 Bulma Bulma flashes Master Roshi. (duration within 3 pages) Dragon Ball v01 p070.jpg
88 unknown female Oolong has a fantasy of sticking his face between an unknown woman's breasts. (duration 1 page) Dragon Ball CH5.jpg
137 Bulma Bulma showering (duration within 2 pages) Dragon Ball CH9.jpg

Volume 2

Page Characters Description Image
59 Bulma Oolong transformed as Bulma showing Master Roshi her bare breasts. (duration 1 page) Dragon Ball CH15.jpg

Volume 9

Page Characters Description Image
60 Bulma Bulma's shirt gets pulled down by Krillin (duration 1 page) Dragon Ball CH100.jpg
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