Gunsmith Cats

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Alternate Names: Gunsmith Cats Revised

Related Series: Gunsmith Cats Burst (Prequel)

Author: Kenichi Sonoda

Artist: Kenichi Sonoda

Published: Kodansha (JPN) Dark Horse Comics (USA)

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Volume 1

Page Characters Description Image
63 Minnie Minnie after over-servicing a customer. GC 1 63.jpg
163 Linda Young lady named Linda being held hostage. GC 1 163.jpg
346 Rally One of Minnie's favorite weapons passes near Rally. GC 1 346.jpg
358 Minnie Minnie having a daydream of sorts. (Duration: 2 pages) GC 1 358.jpg
408 Minnie Minnie upset about concealing her friend's identity. GC 1 408.jpg

Volume 2

Page Characters Description Image
211 Rally Rally showering before heading to rescue Misty. (Duration: 3 pages) GC 2 211.jpg
218 Misty Misty being held by Goldie. GC 2 218.jpg
224 Misty Misty being traded for blackmail tapes. (Duration: 2 pages) GC 2 224.jpg
231 Misty Minor slip during the rescue GC 2 231.jpg
258 Random mistress Minnie discovers her "friend" in bed with another woman. GC 2 258.jpg
303 Goldie Goldie getting a pedicure. (Duration 3 pages) GC 2 303.jpg
342 Rally Cover for chapter 30 GC 2 342.jpg
347 Rally Rally fighting the effects of mind control drugs. GC 2 347.jpg
355 Rally Rally in a trance. GC 2 355.jpg
362 Rally Rally being toyed with for the camera GC 2 362.jpg
441 Rally Rally has a panic attack, causing a wardrobe malfunction. Played for laughs when she wakes up and the inspector comes to check on her. (Duration: 3 Pages) GC 2 441.jpg
458 Rally Goldie's hypnosis has not yet worn off, and attacks at a bad time. (Definitely not a shadow, as pubic hair has been shown in other scenes) GC 2 458.jpg

Volume 3

Page Characters Description Image
61 Rally Rally shows off again in a bathroom. GC 3 61.jpg
99 Minnie Cover for Chapter 39. Minnie Showing she's no young girl. GC 3 99.jpg
137 The Mistress Back from Vol. 2 and fresh out of the shower. GC 3 137.jpg
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