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Animated by TNK.

This article covers an ongoing series. More content may be added as the series continues.
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Episode 1

Time Characters Description Image
00:03 Asia Argento, Rias Gremory Issei wakes up to Rias naked in his bed. Asia gets jealous and joins in. (duration 01:32) HighSchoolDxDNew-1-1.jpg
07:32 Himejima Akeno Akeno sucks the Dragon's power out of Issei's left arm in a see-through white robe. (duration 00:04) HighSchoolDxDNew-1-2.jpg
12:10 Asia Argento Second eyecatch. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-1-3.jpg
15:42 Toujo Koneko, Unnamed devil Koneko gets part of her clothing dissolved by an acidic substance. (duration 01:10) HighSchoolDxDNew-1-4.jpg

Episode 2

Time Characters Description Image
03:21 Asia Argento, Rias Gremory Issei wakes up with both Asia and Rias naked in his bed. He thinks about both of them after they've left. (duration 01:34) HighSchoolDxDNew-2-1.jpg
06:52 Random girls, Rias Gremory Issei announces to Ddraig his intentions to form his own harem and "conquer Rias' boobs". (duration 00:41) HighSchoolDxDNew-2-2.jpg
11:47 Asia Argento First eyecatch. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-2-3.jpg
11:52 Shitori Souna Second eyecatch. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-2-4.jpg
12:02 Himejima Akeno, Rias Gremory, Shinra Tsubaki, Shitori Souna Rias, Akeno, Souna and Tsubaki discuss Irina and Xenovia. (duration 01:12) HighSchoolDxDNew-2-5.jpg

Episode 3

Time Characters Description Image
03:07 Shidou Irina Issei imagines using Dress Break on Irina. (duration 00:02) HighSchoolDxDNew-3-1.jpg
05:16 Asia Argento, Toujo Koneko Issei misses Irina and accidentally uses Dress Break on Asia and Koneko. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-3-2.jpg
10:56 Shidou Irina Second eyecatch. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-3-3.jpg
20:25 Rias Gremory, Shitori Souna Rias and Souna discuss Yuuto. (duration 00:54) HighSchoolDxDNew-3-4.jpg

Episode 4

Time Characters Description Image
10:48 Asia Argento Asia talks about Aika encouraging her to wear nothing but an apron for Issei. (duration 00:02) HighSchoolDxDNew-4-1.jpg
13:26 Shidou Irina First eyecatch. (duration 00:04) HighSchoolDxDNew-4-2.jpg
13:30 Shinra Tsubaki Second eyecatch. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-4-3.jpg
13:47 Himejima Akeno, Rias Gremory Issei's friends harass him about his relationship with Rias and Akeno. (duration 00:25) HighSchoolDxDNew-4-4.jpg
15:08 Shidou Irina Irina is found after having been defeated by Freed. (duration 00:57) HighSchoolDxDNew-4-5.jpg
20:47 Shidou Irina Freed details how he defeated Irina and took her sword. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-4-6.jpg

Episode 5

Time Characters Description Image
05:59 Himejima Akeno Akeno transforms. (duration 00:01) HighSchoolDxDNew-5-1.jpg
09:37 Shinra Tsubaki First eyecatch. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-5-2.jpg
09:42 Toujo Koneko Second eyecatch. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-5-3.jpg
10:47 Himejima Akeno Akeno falls after taking an attack from Kokabiel. (duration 00:27) HighSchoolDxDNew-5-4.jpg
13:28 Shidou Irina Irina is seen in a flashback putting a crystal into her body. (duration 00:02) HighSchoolDxDNew-5-5.jpg

Episode 6

Time Characters Description Image
00:15 Himejima Akeno Akeno's left breast is shown. (duration 00:01) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-1.png
01:51 Himejima Akeno Akeno's left breast is shown as she attacks Kokabiel. (duration 00:02) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-2.png
04:09 Toujo Koneko Koneko is blown away as she is being attacked by Kokabiel. (duration 00:01) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-3.png
04:14 Toujo Koneko Koneko lies on the ground after being attacked by Kokabiel. (duration 00:02) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-5.png
04:39 Himejima Akeno Akeno's left breast is shown. (duration 00:03) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-4.png
05:55 Toujo Koneko Asia heals Koneko. (duration 00:01) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-6.png
06:04 Himejima Akeno Akeno's left breast is shown. (duration 00:02) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-7.png
06:59 Toujo Koneko Koneko's left breast is shown. (duration 00:03) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-8.png
09:00 Toujo Koneko Koneko's left breast is shown. (duration 00:01) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-9.png
10:09 Rias Gremory Issei imagines Rias' breasts. (duration 00:02) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-10.png
10:18 Himejima Akeno Akeno's left breast is shown while she explains about Issei's sacred gear. (duration 00:04) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-11.png
11:45 Himejima Akeno, Toujo Koneko Akeno's and Koneko's left breasts are shown as they confirm backing up Issei. (duration 00:01) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-12.png
11:11 Toujo Koneko First eyecatch. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-13.png
11:16 Aika Kiriyuu Second eyecatch. (duration 00:05) HighSchoolDxDNew-6-14.png

Episode 8

Time Characters Description Image
first eyecatch. (duration 00:05) IJjF4Ev.jpg
xennovia second eyecatch. (duration 00:05) Lkjhgfd.jpg
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