Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

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Animated by Artland.


Episode 1

Time Characters Description Image
15:24 Junko Hattori His class imagine what Akuto, the future demon lord, could have meant by "messing around". (duration 0:02) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou1-1.jpg
17:36 Junko Hattori When Junko attacks him, Akuto inadvertantly releases his hidden power. (duration 0:03) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou1-2.jpg
21:45 Junko Hattori Junko attacks Akuto and again he releases his hidden power. (duration 0:01) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou1-3.jpg

Episode 2

Time Characters Description Image
02:26 Junko Hattori Continuation of the scene from the previous episode. Korone shoots Junko with a healing ray. (duration 0:15) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou2-1.jpg
16:01 Kena Soga Kena, trying to be invisible, is caught by a dog chasing her scent. (requires frame by frame) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou2-2.jpg

Episode 4

Time Characters Description Image
09:01 Kena Soga Akuto walks into an invisible Kena, who reappears when he begins squeezing her breast out of curiosity. (duration 0:01) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou4-1.jpg

Episode 5

Time Characters Description Image
06:26 Kena Soga Kena uses her power of invisibility to sneak into Fujiko's room. (duration 0:01) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou5-1.jpg
11:25 Junko Hattori Junko hears Akuto and Eiko talking and comes to investigate. Upon seeing them together, she attacks; remembering a moment later that she's completely naked. (duration 0:03) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou5-2.jpg
11:53 Eiko Teruya Eiko attacks Junko. (duration 0:03) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou5-3.jpg

Episode 6

Time Characters Description Image
09:15 Korone Korone makes Akuto's hand touch her bare breasts and then thinking Junko's jealous, her breasts too. (duration 0:03) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou6-1.jpg
13:18 Junko Hattori Korone pulls down Junko's swimsuit. (duration 0:02) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou6-2.jpg

Episode 7

Time Characters Description Image
09:28 Kena Soga, Yukiko Miwa Kena attempts to creep up on Mr. X, not realising her invisiblity's been cancelled. (duration 0:15) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou7-1.jpg
10:20 Kena Soga Kena and Yukiko watch Hiroshi attempt to fight Mr. X. (duration 0:02) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou7-2.jpg
11:10 Kena Soga Mr. X throws Kena and Yukiko onto the ground in front of Akuto and Junko. (duration 0:12) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou7-3.jpg
17:24 Kena Soga Korone arrives to defeat Mr. X. (duration 0:01) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou7-4.jpg

Episode 12

Time Characters Description Image
16:52 Kena Soga Peterhausen gives Kena one of his teeth. (duration 0:04) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaou12-1.jpg


Time Characters Description Image
02:01 Fujiko Etou, Junko Hattori When Fujiko uses magic to cheat, a sports contest with Junko turns into a naked fight in purple slime. (duration 0:32) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA1-1.jpg


Time Characters Description Image
01:48 Eiko Teruya A fight between Eiko and Junko ends with the former naked. (duration 0:06) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA2-1.jpg
02:08 Junko Hattori Junko recovers her scroll from Akuto; her clothes still shredded from her fight with Eiko. (duration 0:04) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA2-2.jpg


Time Characters Description Image
01:12 Fujiko Etou, Kena Soga In order to keep warm Fujiko, Kena and Junko strip off and cuddle up to Akuto. (duration 0:11) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA4-1.jpg
02:03 Junko Hattori Upon being discovered by Korone and realising they were never in any danger, Junko screams and slaps Akuto. (duration 0:01) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA4-2.jpg


Time Characters Description Image
00:38 Junko Hattori Akuto loses control of his mana and ends up blowing up Junko. (duration 0:02) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA5-1.jpg
00:41 Junko Hattori A furious Junko chases Akuto naked. (duration 0:01) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA5-2.jpg
01:36 Kena Soga Rushing out of the room after Kena, Akuto bumps into her and ends up lying on top of her naked body; making him look like a pervert in front of Korone. (duration 0:02) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA5-3.jpg
01:57 Korone Fujiko and Korone shower together. (duration 0:03) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA5-4.jpg
02:15 Korone Korone tries to seduce Akuto. (duration 0:07) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA5-5.jpg


Time Characters Description Image
00:54 Kanna Kamiyama Kanna rips off her clothes. (duration 0:02) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA6-1.jpg
01:08 Kanna Kamiyama Fujiko explains that the magic powder Kanna used in making the cookies would cause anyone to become a slave to their sexual desires. (duration 0:05) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA6-2.jpg
01:41 Kanna Kamiyama Still under the influence of the magic powder, Michie, Kanna and Arnoul run into Akuto. (duration 0:03) IchibanUshiroNoDaimaouOVA6-3.jpg
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