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About Ecchi Wiki

The Ecchi Wiki is a place for documenting scenes with nudity in anime and manga. Each series has sections for episodes or chapters which have nude scenes. Each scene is listed with details of the time the scene appears, the characters who appear nude, a short description, and a preview image.

The Ecchi Wiki was started on May 8, 2012 by Naota, editor of the blog Aisle H.

What Ecchi Wiki is not

  • a place to watch anime or read manga
  • a place to share links to sites for downloading anime or manga
  • a place to document hentai anime or manga

We need your help!

There are lots of anime and manga with nude scenes that need to be documented. Every week, new episodes are broadcast which also need to be added to the wiki. Perhaps you're a fan of older series and can help document those. Anything you can do is appreciated!

For now, don't worry if you don't have every piece of information for a nude scene before you add something. If you know a scene, but not the names of the characters, add it and someone else will fill that in later. Same thing for the time or image, as long as it's clear that scenes aren't getting duplicated.

If you need ideas for what to help with, check out the pages that need to be made and Category:Incomplete articles.

To see what pages exist so far, see Category:Anime and Category:Manga.

For information on what pages should be like, see Help:Contents.

For information on how to edit, see the help page at Media Wiki.

What's New?

Pages created this month:

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  • Articles: 161
  • Users: 82
  • Edits: 3,253
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