To Love-Ru Darkness

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By Hasemi Saki, Yabuki Kentaro

Serialized in Jump SQ

Additional info: Baka-Updates Manga

This article covers an ongoing series. More content may be added as the series continues.


Volume 1

Page Characters Description Image
16 Momo, Haruna Starts out with Momo fantasizing, Haurna bathing the dog, then Momo undressing. (duration within 10 pages) TLRUDarkness016.jpg
36 Momo, Lala Starts with Momo waking up with her shirt opened and ends with Lala getting out of the shower. (duration within 5 pages) TLRUDarkness040.jpg
59 Momo Bath scene with Momo and Rito. (duration 5 pages) TLRUDarkness060.jpg
83 Yami Yami being stripped. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness083.jpg
122 Yami, Mikan, Momo Yami and Mikan undressing then Momo makes advances on Rito with a nipple slip. (duration within 4 pages) TLRUDarkness122.jpg
171 Mea Mea bathing with Rito. (duration 7 pages) TLRUDarkness172.jpg
209 Yui Yui undressing. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness209.jpg

Volume 2

Page Characters Description Image
20 Mikan, Momo Starts out with Mikan undressing and having dirty thoughts about what Momo and Rito are up to. (duration within 3 pages) TOLRDarkness2022.jpg
26 Momo, Nana Momo showering and Nana being sensitive about her chest size. (duration 5 pages) TLRUDarkness2029.jpg
74 Yami Yami getting her breasts sucked by a possessed Mikan. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness2077.jpg
121 Nana, Haruna Nana and Haruna getting molested by small animals (duration within 4 pages) TLRUDarkness2123.jpg
142 Mea Mea naked and chained. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness2142.jpg
162 Female Rito Rito gets turned into a girl and gets molested by Momo and Mea. (duration 20 pages) TLRUDarkness2162.jpg
203 Mikan Mikan imagining herself naked(?) then falling on Rito with a nipple slip. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness2203.jpg

Volume 3

Page Characters Description Image
19 Run Momo imagining a naughty moment with Rito and Run. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness3019.jpg
46 Run Rito having a romantic moment with Run then Run gets separated from Ren and falls on Rito naked. (duration within 11 pages) TLRUDarkness3047.jpg
66 Momo Momo gets her chest size reduced temporarily. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness3066.jpg
83 Haruna, Run, Lala Rito imagining those three in a bath. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness3083.jpg
98 Lala Lala getting molested by this tail/tentacle thing. (duration 4 pages) TLRUDarkness3099.jpg
105 Oshizu, Ryouko Ryouko washing Oshizu. (duration 3 pages) TLRUDarkness3105.jpg
121 Yami, Mea Yami getting stripped and Mea fantasizing herself getting molested by mini Ritos. (duration within 9 pages) TLRUDarkness3121.jpg
138 Oshizu Oshizu getting molested by darkness. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness3138.jpg
153 Nana, Momo Brief nipple slip from Nana then Mikan imagines a naughty moment with Momo. (duration within 4 pages) TLRUDarkness3156.jpg
167 Mikan, Rin Shower scene with Mikan and Rin. (duration 4 pages) TLRUDarkness3168.jpg
193 Yui Yui getting out of the shower (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness3193.jpg

Volume 4

Page Characters Description Image
33 Nana, Yami Nana and Yami bathing with Rito(blindfolded). (duration 9 pages) TLRUDarkness4036.jpg
51 Yami Yami when she was younger. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness4051.jpg
59 Yami Mikan imagining a naughty moment with Yami and Rito. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness4059.jpg
72 Yami Yami getting molested by Rito in his sleep. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness4072.jpg
108 Tearju Professor Tearju falls on Rito and her clothes disappear. (duration 5 pages) TLRUDarkness4109.jpg
131 Yami, Tearju Momo gets Rito to imagine a bath scene with Yami and Tearju. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness4131.jpg
139 Mea, Tearju Mea's clothes get destroyed then new clothes form. Oshizu and Tearju get molested by plants. (duration within 8 pages) TLRUDarkness4144.jpg
156 Mea Mea revealing herself to Rito. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarknee4156.jpg
172 Haruna Haruna gets turned into a cat and Rito bathes her. (duration 10 pages) TLRUDarkness4177.jpg
190 Momo Momo imagining getting molested by Rito. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness4190.jpg

Volume 5

Page Characters Description Image
36 Momo Momo imagining her and Rito having a romantic moment. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness5036.jpg
59 Yami Rito in Haruna's body trips and exposes Yami's breasts. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness5059.jpg
76 Haruna Haruna in Rito's body bathes Rito in Haruna's body, then they swap back. (duration 9 pages) TLRUDarkness5083.jpg
89 Yui Yui takes a shower. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness5089.jpg
100 Momo, Nana, Mikan, Yami The skunk of youth makes everyone younger and their clothes slip revealing some nipple slips. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness5101.jpg
104 Yui Yui imagines a romantic moment with Rito. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness5105.jpg
108 Yui Rito trips and lifts up Yui's top, then she falls on top of him. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness5108.jpg
118 Yami Yami catches Rito from falling and she has a nipple slip. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness5118.jpg
143 Mea Possessed Rito gropes Mea's breasts. (duration 2 pages) TLRUDarkness5143.jpg
154 Mea Rito looks under Mea's shirt while she is fighting. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness5154.jpg
171 Lala, Mikan, Run, Risa, Saki, Yui, Haruna, Momo Rito uses x-ray glasses and sees all the girls naked. (duration within 11 pages) TLRUDarkness5175.jpg
189 Tearju Rito imagines Tearju in a swimsuit with her top coming off. (duration 1 page) TLRUDarkness5189.jpg
191 Nana, Momo, Mikan Momo, in Nana's body, tries to seduce Rito. At one point he imagines Momo and Mikan's boob sizes in comparison to Nana's. (duration 8 pages) TLRUDarkness5192.jpg
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